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With brands like Woodways International and Woodpecker Pine, you can be sure that your furniture is beautiful and built to last. Forever Furniture delivers you durable, gorgeous pine furniture each and every time.

Pine Furnishings


We stock a superb collection of furniture for the whole house, including bedroom, kitchen and office furniture. All pine furniture is made with the utmost care.

Looking for Pine Furniture in Bexleyheath?

 •  Bedroom sets

 •  Chest of drawers

 •  Tables

 •  Chairs

 •  Sideboards

 •  Oak furniture

"My beautiful pine bed set has lasted for over ten years."

If you're replacing your old furniture, we offer a free disposal service to keep your home tidy and free of unwanted furniture. Let us help you remove old, heavy furniture without the hassle.

Beautiful Furniture,

Great Quality Every Time.

Some of Our Products

Furniture Removal

You're going to love our clocks and mirrors. With a strong focus on matching wood and patterns to other items you buy, you'll always find something to complement your chosen style. View our mirrors and / or clocks  now.  

Need to Dress Up a Room?

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